How Content Marketing Builds Your Business

SEO has been evolutionary in past few years especially in 2012. Changing Algorithms and injection of updates has induced and electrified SEO Companies in Canada and globally to bring about a transition in techniques and at the same time adapting the methods which search engines regard in deciding SERPs. Content marketing which also goes by custom publishing, corporate publishing and branded content, is by far the technique which is being used by SEOs now. So what is “content marketing”?

Content Marketing is a type of marketing of writing and spreading unique, attractive and relevant content to attract and obtain selectively targeted audience with an intention to increase number of profitable targeted clients.

Google likes us better if we educate our clients about our services or products through informative and interesting content rather than just selling. It means content must be interesting and persuasive so that users feel enticed toward giving business to content owners. It also must keep coming to readers because ultimately they will prize the marketer. Basically Google has taken another step in order to ensure user’s utmost satisfaction. And many giant companies like Microsoft and Cisco Systems have already adopted this method but at the same time small businesses around the globe are embracing it. The only reason is because Content Marketing works. Traditional marketing is not fully out of the game but it has to be mixed with content marketing. Now online surfers are smart enough to skip flashy banners and compelling buttons and they consider these a sales trap. First they want to conduct a proper research based on which they make decisions. Quality Content helps enormously in winning clients. It is fact now and presumably this is the only element of SEO which can be reckoned unchanged in future unlike many others. Few statistics might help unveil the significance of Content Marketing.

Before giving business, more than 80% decision makers conduct a research on company information through articles and blogs out beating only 20% which prefer advertisement. Another report reveals that more than 70% decision makers feel comfortable in selecting advertising company doing content publishing. 90% organizations do content marketing now. Content marketing comes inexpensive too. A survey shows that content marketing costs 62% less than conventional marketing. 86% marketers doing B2C use Custom Publishing; whereas, 91% engaged in B2B prefer Content marketing. Content marketing leads to three times more conversion as compared to traditional advertisement.

These statistics demonstrate the weight and value of content marketing in SEO. So start creating content today!

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