Website SEO Audit

What is a Website Audit?

An excellent way to keep tabs on the current SEO trends and the health of your website is to conduct a website audit. An audit can be a great tool and it can serve as a great way to find and fix any problems with your site that is holding you back. These audits can also help to make your site easier for search engines to find and help improve your rankings on the search result pages. The goal of a Website Audit is checking to make sure that your site is search-engine friendly, and if there are things that need to be tweaked or improved that they get fixed in the most effective manner possible.

How Does a Website Audit Work?

Whether your sit is big or small we can run an audit check to see what is and is not working with your site and what you need to keep doing and what you need to do differently. One of our highly skilled SEO experts gives your site a hands-on thorough look through in order to identify what isn’t working. We focus on issues such as crawlability, indexability, on-page and off-page factors, user experience and other SEO elements. The great thing about an audit is that it can be customized to the meet the unique needs of your business- whether your site has 5 pages or 500 pages. Your audit can be delivered as a technical document for your in-house IT team, or our SEO specialists can walk you through the results, whichever you’d prefer. The choices are yours and you have the freedom to control what you do with the audit results.

Benefits of a Website Audit

  • Increases the frequency of your pages to rank in search results for the keywords found on those pages.
  • Acquire expert perceptiveness from an SEO team that can identify problems that can’t be detected by traditional automated tools and bots.
  • Get a website audit checklist and follow the steps in order and improve search results.
  • Tap into a SEO knowledge base that helps you apply these tools to other pages or websites.

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