Hummingbird Google Update

Hummingbird is the name for Google’s new search algorithm which, according to Google, will be more effective in bringing faster results from online sources. The last five years have seen a tremendous rise in the use of Smartphone and Android applications, and it is mainly due to this increasing trend that Google has come up with a bright new feature to facilitate its users in a most splendid way.

How it works? Hummingbird has been specifically designed to focus more effectively on the actual meaning behind words. Through a perfect technology and technical expertise, it is able to know the real location of your house, if you have shared it with the Google application. In addition to that, it may take ‘place’ as a brick store or house, or understand ‘iPhone 5’ as an electronic device being sold at mobile stores. With a comprehensive knowledge on all these basic meanings, Google will be able to stretch its boundaries beyond just finding pages with their associated matching words.

Google has said that their new Hummingbird update is focusing more closely on each word in a query. It means that it has now the ability to take the entire query, a sentence, conversation or meaning into consideration. The goal behind this is to enable the update to match the meaning of the words instead of matching just words. This technique can surely bring more favorable results for users who require specific information.

Hummingbird and SEO: The Hummingbird update searches for whole queries instead of individual words. It also means that this new update will surely have an obvious effect on those pages that make use of long tail keywords. Hummingbird focuses on finding search strings of 3, 4, 5 or more words, and instead of breaking them it generates results for the entire search string. It means that these Long-tail keywords, which are mostly utilized in current high quality writing methods, will bring more traffic for WebPages in the coming days as compared to currently methods.

Benefits for websites: In order to successfully utilize the new hummingbird update, it is advised to deliver that content which answers common queries regarding your widget. As Google provides more points for WebPages that are mobile-friendly due to a great rise in mobile searchers in all parts of the globe, it would be wise to upgrade your website keeping mobile features in mind as you simply won’t want to have your WebPages look boring and unattractive in mobile sets.

Another important tip is to emphasis on good quality back links taken from relevant sources such as credible online publishers, renowned websites for online content, seo company and other similar sources. It will surely help you stay afloat in the online world using Google’s new hummingbird update.

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