A Day With Kush Gupta, The Top 1%* Broker Today!

Kush Gupta is a successful marketer and Real estate broker from Toronto, Canada. His journey of becoming one of the Top 1% Realtor* is one of his finest achievements among many others so far. Becoming a selected member of the “Government Relations Committee” at the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) is another milestone. Presently, Kush Gupta is associated with iPro Realty Ltd., a leading real estate Brokerage in Ontario. In the past Kush has represented many leading Media companies including Toronto Star and is a Marketing guru.

After a lot of meeting requests, he finally gave Rayman Solutions the opportunity to spend a day with him. And, our team was more than delighted about capturing this big chance to interview this inspirational role model for our readers. Here is a day out with Kush Gupta for all of you!

The Making Of Top 1% Realtor* -Kush Gupta, Broker (MBA)!

Kush Gupta

The beginnings are never easy when it comes to success stories. Kush Gupta is one of a kind for the same, as his story also begins with hard work. He has exerted his energies to be an expert not only in his niche but also many others. “I’m a self-motivated, proactive, communicative team-player with experience of working within the challenging, and service-driven environments. Due to this ability, I have a proven record of developing excellent relationships with my clients, colleagues, and management. I am a result-oriented person with over 18 years of extensive experience in Business Development, Sales and Marketing, Client Servicing and Brand Management,” shares Gupta confidently.

His Enthusiasm Is Catchy

Kush Gupta

Kush Gupta is a self-starter and has a keen sense to learn new things eagerly. This is a very fine quality that every strong team leader needs to grab from Kush. “My goal is to transmit my enthusiasm, creativity, and experience into a position, where I continue to provide strategic and tactical leadership consultation. This is something very critical to retaining valued customers. The key strengths that I possess are not limited to a few things only. I like to do each-and-everything professionally. Some of my valued tips that others can use too. These are:

  • Exceptionally strive to deliver agreed contributions

  • Continued and above par excellence in services, and

  • Strong understanding and communication skills

Kush Recommends People Management

Kush Gupta

So, during our main question-and-answer session Kush Gupta didn’t shy away from sharing direct insights into self-growth skills. He strongly recommends people management as a very powerful attribute to his success. “It helps if you listen to your customers and audiences better. As leaders, we can stay stuck in our own worlds, disconnected from the people we are called to serve. That’s exactly why the bridge has a gap. We should provide more value to our customers in order to skyrocket our success,” adds Kush Gupta suggestively.

He further shares, “When you manage people as an expert, it rapidly accelerates your results and increases your revenue. I’ve successfully used this method to launch projects, make sales and build relationships all my career. As soon as I introduce something new to the world, I rely on the human physiological insights to do the intro rightly. This is my PROVEN and risk-free tip. This method has worked for me with countless niches, sales, and industries. And since, I’m so positive that it’ll work for everybody, I eagerly share this with newbies and interns

Why Do Customers Like To Work With Kush Gupta?

Kush Gupta

When you have the sole responsibility of being “One-of-the-Best-Real Estate Broker in the city”, you automatically need to let your customers trust you. Kush Gupta has an experience spread over 20 years in diverse areas, like:

  • Customer Services

  • Strategic Planning

  • Profit Centre Operations

  • Strategic Alliance

  • Business Planning

  • Advertising Sales

  • Revenue Generation

  • Sales

  • Marketing

  • Key Account Management

  • Training & Development

“So, the moment I connect with my customers, the first impression becomes my last. I completely understand their needs and highlight their wants. This is what makes my association with the instant. As they feel that they can trust me easily, and rely on my expertise. I don’t focus on making a sale on the first meeting. That is what makes the deal a hotshot. I show my clients and customers what they want, and then make them understand the value of the product or the service,” states Gupta insightfully.

Gupta And iPro Realty

Kush Gupta

“iPro Realty Ltd, Brokerage is one of the most reputed companies in Ontario, and I’m honored to be associated with it. I have learned a lot with iPro Realty, and this further encouraged me to pursue real estate as a Broker. Real Estate is truly my passion,” shares Kush fondly.

As a realtor, Kush Gupta specializes in residential properties. Due to his extensive background, he has been able to bring-in abundant energy, creativity, dedication, experience and personal knowledge to his work.

You can be assured that he will stay on top of all the details of a deal, and provide a smooth-and-easy going transaction. “Like I said before, I don’t just focus on making a sale, instead my efforts are to understand the purpose of the deal that my clients want to make. This enables me to pay attention to detail genuinely. And as a result, all of my clients and customers happily look forward to work with me,” states Kush Gupta determinedly.

What Did You All Learn Today?

Kush Gupta

Though our time with Gupta was limited due to his busy schedule, still the time he gave us has been an immense learning opportunity. With Gupta, each passing moment has provided us an endless learning curve. The edge of such a huge success for “L7A neighborhood” in Brampton has made it quite easy for Kush Gupta to help new customers, clients, and investors.

As of now, he plans to do the same for other markets too. New Realtors, fresh Brokers – all can learn a lot from Kush and his energies. His life and work approach is truly inspiring and can open a new door for success too. Write to us today if you want to seek Kush Gupta’s assistance for Buying or Selling a residential property. He’ll personally answer your concerns and guide you through the process. Being a humble gentleman, Gupta loves to treat everybody with humbleness. And lastly, to sum up, Kush Gupta in a nutshell – you’ll be meeting a local expert, problem solver, who pays attention to details, along with honesty and integrity

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