Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Social media optimization is the art of using different online social media platforms to promote product awareness and brand. In simple words it means optimizing a website so as its own users spread and distribute content and product information on social media sites and online communities. It is a sub branch of search engine optimization and has become an integral part in a website ranking. It’s also a part of reputation management. How it’s different from SEO?

SEO focuses more on driving as much traffic as possible towards a websites from various online search engines whereas, social media optimization lay emphasis on having website content easily spread and shared by its own users while socializing on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Myspace, Digg ect. We need to understand why social media optimization is important? Google is undergoing drastic changes in order to guarantee quality and user friendly results. For Google, social media sites can be very instrumental in getting and utilizing recommendations from users. That’s the whole idea. Rank websites on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) based on the experience users have after they share, like or comment about a webpage (profile page, content, product, brand, photo and video sharing etc). Every like counts as vote for website. A website with more votes consequently gets better ranking on Google. So to rank better naturally on Google, social media optimization is imperative. Moreover, since Google, Yahoo and Bing are incorporating social media results into their web listings, SMO has become extremely crucial.

As said before that SMO is part of reputation management. It’s because people are spreading your website content and they are prone to discuss about your product on community portals and their own sites. So you have to monitor and track reviews while continuously updating content. Social Media is always changing rehearsal. Google may change algorithm after sometime but Social media sites change tools and trends every day. Speed and premeditated SMO planning is the key.

Social media optimization involves several techniques mainly known as Social Bookmarks, Widgets, RSS Feed, Blogs, online Forums and Trackbacks. If you have done all of these, it’s just fine because most important is interesting content. Content must be user friendly, easily understandable and interesting so that people share it with people they know, like it and comment on it.

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