The Making Of Dosramos Real Estate – Story Of Sita And Brian

Love conquers all, and if you get a partner who shares the same vision as you, your combined efforts give you results immediately. Same is the story of Sita and Brian. Both of them are some exceptionally gifted people, and life partners as well. They fall among some of the best professionals and real-estate guides in Ontario, Canada. Today, they both are here to share their market insight, strengths and weaknesses. And most importantly, how they built their dream life together. There are no real-life examples that set trends in today’s busy life. But, people like Sita and Brian are the ones who create inspirational stories.

The Starting Is Never Easy

Sita And Brian
Married in Cancun, Mexico (2012)

Sita and Brian say, “Our journey in real estate started when we were 18 years old. We started dating at 15 in high school and by 18 we were living in downtown Toronto while we both attended George Brown College. We were having a conversation one evening about our future and the type of life we wanted. That led us to the thought of investing in Real Estate to build long-term wealth to take control of our financial life. And, also to create the freedom and lifestyle we desired.” Sita and Brian set the perfect example of a strong and influential mindset. They both knew that they had to be the ones to make the change.

Key Turning Points To Apprehend Your Dreams

Sita And Brian
Visiting the Grand Palace in Bangkok Thailand (2018)

“From that moment we knew that Real Estate would be our keystone, we started working on it aggressively. Sita quickly got her Real Estate Sales License. And, Brian got his Construction Engineering Diploma, Master Builders License,” said Sita and Brian constructively. As soon as Sita and Brian got what they needed to work, they started Kenneth Homes Design Build Inc. Sita and Brian further share, “It is a custom home building and renovation company. We began putting in long days to grow our businesses with the intention of buying rental properties and getting into development.”

Life Of Sita And Brian – The 10 Years Of Hard Work

Sita And Brian
Champions League game in Madrid, Spain (2017)

“After 10 years, the construction company was beginning to really grow and we were building multiple homes a year and Brian needed to get off the tools and out of the day-to-day operations,” shares Sita and Brian. Later, Brian began the next journey to become the manager of the office. Meanwhile, Sita had been building her Real Estate Sales expertise while working on sales teams as a buyers agent. She was also working on building her expertise and grooming herself to start her own team. They both worked hard, made decisions, found mistakes and corrected their errors. This gave them the exact work layout they both needed. Sita and Brian give our general readers the spark they all need to grow and boost their career along with personal goals.

How Success Bows In Front Of Sita And Brian

Sita And Brian
Traveling through Southern Australia (2014)

The god of SUCCESS is not someone who gets impressed easily. You need to put in dedication, hard work, consistency and more hard work to get its attention. “By this time, we had already purchased our first home, then our first rental property and our first commercial location. We started to really see the power of “Leverage and Equity” and were able to use our Real Estate expertise to take 3 extended trips over three years around the globe. These were to, Australia, Hawaii, Fiji, California, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Dubai, Thailand and Sri Lanka. Our longest trip was of 36 days and the shortest was of 18 days,” share Sita and Brian proudly.

The Exceptional United WE Stand, Divided WE Fall Rule

Sita And Brian
Custom built home in Hamilton by Kenneth Homes Design Build Inc

“Through this time, we had another one of those amazing conversations about our future. We realized the power of our Real Estate Assets. And, also realized that through a decade of training courses, seminars, books, being members of the Real Estate Investment Network of Canada and more – That we had amassed a huge vault of knowledge and we wanted to share this with other people. We want to show other people that they could start taking advantage of this thing called real estate to accumulate major long-term wealth through a relatively passive investment,” state Sita and Brian positively.

Sita And Brian Love To Share With Others

Sita And Brian
Our first personal home which we gutted/renovated and sold for over double what we purchased.

Sharing is caring and Sita and Brian fall under those humble beings who love to share. They further reveal that “At the moment our goal has changed from just making money and building our own portfolio to becoming of value to others. We want to be the catalyst for people to realize that the life they want is not that far out of reach and show them how they can achieve it. We want to be of service to assist our clients, friends, and family in building wealth through real estate.”

Sita And Brian
Our first home purchase in South Burlington (2008)

After that moment, they both started working on things that can create an impact and platform for people around them. Sita and Brian also add, “We decided to start The Dosramos Real Estate Team. We would still run Kenneth Homes Design Build and decided Brian would get his Real Estate Sales license. And then, we would start selling real estate together as our third ongoing business. First is the construction company and the second being our real estate portfolio.”

The Moment Of Pure Pleasure

Once you start working on things that share in the lives of many around you-you start to grow in a manner that is unexplained. Strong people build-up others around them and show them the way that they need to grow. Same is the school of thought for Sita and Brian. They want to share and build a future which they both can be proud of. They don’t want to fall among some forgotten pieces of history. In fact, they want to create a future to be proud of and be remembered because of it.

“Since then we have continued on that journey and are now pursuing our Real Estate Investment Advisor Certificate so that we can be better qualified to advise and mentor our clients, friends, and family to build wealth through real estate. These efforts will help us do better than before, and also help our community as a whole. We want people to know that living a great and abundant life is possible and through strategic investing and planning for your future you can achieve it,” add Sita and Brian conclusively.

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