What Is Augmented Reality SEO, And Why Businesses Need It?

Augmented Reality SEO is the new future for setting your marketing goals and strategies. No doubt, SEO has been manhandled a lot recently. But still, there are companies who would love to work with your business to create a strong market influence. You don’t have to worry anymore about paying and staying only when the augmented reality is going to be a part of your SEO plan. In near future, AR is going to revolutionalize the marketing platforms and options beyond your expectations.  Even in your day-to-day life, AR-oriented gadgets are going to rule our world. So, why do we miss the biggest part of our business outreach? Which is, by all means, augmented reality SEO and its huge impact. Let us dive in more to guide you in detail.

What Is Augmented Reality SEO?

Augmented Reality SEO

SEO is done offsite and onsite for your website. And, if your brand is not prepared for the upcoming addition of AR, you may lose the huge chunk of your customer base. AR is available since the early 1990’s, however, yes it was under a lot of test-and-trial modes. Thus, not many of us were aware of this feature, and a lot of us also considered it useless. But when smartphones came with a bang – now AR is available in every possible manner. But, before you start to vent yourself over virtual reality and augmented reality – know that both are highly different from each other. Basically, we are speaking about the digitization of content to the next level, where every user will feel a part of every video, blog or article. Let us read more to understand AR.

Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality – Different?

Augmented Reality SEO

With virtual reality, you get to wear something additional to get the feel of being the “part” or “involvement” of any movie, game or video. Whereas, in augmented reality, it is like happening in front of you or around you to make you feel involved. The augmented reality game which took away a lot of us like a hurricane is PokemonGo. The user feels the real-life experience while playing this game, and thus a lot of other popular games lost a huge customer base. The main reason behind this is that the user gets to feel involved in the action happening right in front of his eyes. Thus, the augmented reality is booming because of its real-life like feel for every user. Apple as of now has brought the feel of AR for its users. And, once every other brand does the same thing – the revolution is going to be huge!

What Is Google Saying About AR?

Augmented Reality SEO

Google I/O 2017 was quite vocal about AR and how they are trying to make it a part of the future. Google lens is being formulated according to the AR technology and is making it more user-friendly. This lens is compatible with any device as long as the language is in English, and if you do have the latest version of Google Photos installed. Next, Tim Cook – Apple CEO has also acknowledged the brands focus on augmented reality – so when two big names are saying something – then we do have to focus on the impacts of our current marketing strategies and how this revolution will impact our previous efforts. Thus, if your users are going to browse with the AR term, initially your SEO will fail. So, now is the time to stop and rethink this whole game-changing update. Don’t worry, as we have you covered in this blog today.

How Augmented Reality SEO Will Work?

Augmented Reality SEO

As of now, Google repeats to every SEO mastermind to have a close focus on creating and watching micro-moments. if your marketing is able to prepare this in-the-moment buying decision – you are easily going to win the sale. And similarly, your SEO will be great. So in order for your business to meet the AR SEO goals, you need to initially work on your local listing with augmented reality in mind. Your local listing is going to be based on your Google My Business Profile. So, if you haven’t already set your business profile – it is time to build and create one according to the upcoming feature.

How Will Social Media Be Affected?

Augmented Reality SEO

If your local listing is going to be impacted by augmented reality, so is your social media profiles. Thus, before we go any far into why you shouldn’t go with SEO – here is your ponder point as to why augmented reality SEO is the best option. Almost 84% of your customers trust online reviews more than word-of-mouth, and this means your digital marketing is no longer up-to-date. Similarly, if your social media engagement is not impacting augmented reality, your search engine ranking will be highly affected. Thus, a simple and effective approach is to start setting goals for achieving the AR SEO as your new plan to engage strong prospects. 3D videos, images and in short content is what is going to stay with AR SEO. The more such content is going to be accepted, the better the forecast for sales will be on-point.

How Do I Go About AR SEO? 

Augmented Reality SEO

Like we said above, augmented reality SEO is the upcoming future of simple SEO. That means, the more your website, social media platforms, and business profiles become digital – the more tech-savvy will be your ground. The basic understanding that you need to have is how you can be more interactive and immersive with your customer engagement. Thus, you have to work according to the mindset of your customers to ensure that you are on top of your game. Further, if this is what will work for you, then you have to make every possible change to stay in the game of the changing AR SEO. And, don’t forget that ultimately it is a story that will pique interest and have more views and potential leads. With AR now, the face of technology is changing immensely, and if businesses forget to closely watch it – no doubt they will be forgotten immediately. 

So what is your plan now? Is this something that can impact your business? Tell us more in the comment section today. 

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