Facebook Marketing Strategies

Facebook has been around for quite a while and though there were many who were sure it was just another version of My Space and would die out just as quickly, the exact opposite has proven to be true. Facebook is still going strong and is proving to be a valuable tool for business of all shapes and sizes.

Who Should Use Facebook for Business?

Smaller start up shops and entrepreneur venues are the ones that stand to benefit the most along with non-profit and charity groups; however, even larger corporations can tap into the popularity of this social media platform and use it to their advantage.
Whether you set up a group or a business page this is a great way to reach new customers and expand your audience reach while giving everyone an easy and convenient way to stay in touch and share information.

Facebook is one of the most active social media platforms for connecting across numerous platforms and with a targeted audience window.
There are more than 1.3 billion Facebook users, and 64% of them engage with the platform every day. This means there is a wealth of potential customers to tap into on this social media platform. If you are not yet connected into the world of Facebook marketing, you need to seriously consider implementing a paid Facebook strategy and ad campaign into your marketing plan so you can maximize your reach and impact.

Facebook Marketing Strategies

We can help you determine what type of Facebook marketing strategy has the potential to yield the best return on investment and marketing potential for your brand. Whether your goal is to establish your presence on the social network, grow a base of fans and followers, or use Facebook advertising to send more traffic to your site and boost sales, we can develop the right social media plan for your business.

To learn more about using Facebook marketing as part of your social media marketing strategy, contact Rayman Solutions social media experts today!

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