Website Speed Audit

What is a Site Speed Audit?

Because Google as a search engine continues to put the main emphasis on delivering relevant search results and delivering good content to use in their searches your website speed must be a priority. If your website has slow speed with the load time for the pages this results in a poor experience when people try to access your page, and therefore, it can be demoted in search engine rankings and not get listed as high up on the page as it could be otherwise.
While a faster load speeds cannot grant you a higher ranking or give you a boost to your ranking position, a slower load speed will drop your ranking and hurt your search result standing so it is something that you should not ignore. Additionally, it’s crucial to modify your website speed and maintain it at a good speed so you can deliver good user experience to all of your visitors. For each additional second that visitors have to sit and wait for things to load on your page, you could be losing a potential sale, and you also could be dropping lower and lower on the search result pages. Not good!

How Does a Site Speed Audit Work?

If you have found that your website loading speed has been dropping or that it is already painfully slow, you need to take action. If the site takes more than about 5 seconds to load, you need to find ways to boost your speed. If your site tends to lag or loads slowly on mobile platforms, you could benefit from some site speed audit work. Our SEO experts will execute desktop and mobile website speed analysis to determine the cause of your poor load times. We’ll then recommend speed optimization and will look at back end features that might be slowing down your site load speed such as web design, code, hosting provider, databases, or site content in order to increase overall speed.

Benefits of a Site Speed Audit

  • Rising up the website loading speed helps keep visitors on your page for longer and keeps them engaged and the more engaged they are the more likely they are to make a purchase. According to, most users want a load speed of only a few 2 seconds and will be very likely to abandon a site that fails to load within 3-5 seconds.
  • A faster site is a more attractive and helpful site and these are the sites that keep visitors engaged and interacting on your page. Increase page views, boost to sales and profits, and reduce bounce rates are all benefits most sites see after working on boosting load speeds after having a site speed audit run.
  • Lose fewer sales and close more deals. A staggering 80% of online shoppers who find they are having issues with a site’s load speed or performance says that they are not very likely to return to the site at a later time to try to load things again and make a purchase. This loss of sales can be devastating for a small business which is why working on maintaining a good site load is essential to business success.

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