Value of Google Local Search

Google Local Search Results/Google My Business appears at the front and center of Google first page. These listings primarily display local businesses of the area where the search is performed. Google My Business holds a lot of value in online marketing as no business can dream of growing to bigger scale without having a solid local foundation. Moreover, you always start creating brand awareness from your niche before you can be an international brand.

Google My Business is unique and compelling in a lot of different ways. First of all, you get to be right at the front of your prospective customers when they search for your services/products on Google.  The layout and interface of map listing is very attractive. Google displays your business name, address, contact number, user ratings and reviews, your business website and directions to your business. For mobile/tablet users, the interface changes to call-to-action buttons. For example you can call the business by merely pressing the call button.

Above all, unlike paid advertisement where you incur a certain cost whenever someone clicks your listing or whenever your business information gets displayed, Google map listing is free.

Our Services

We have years of unmatched experience and skills under our belts to rank your business on the front page of Google map listings.

We Analyze your Local Competition and formulate a plan of action to rank your business in local search on the front page. Competitive analysis is imperative because it enables us to determine the level of difficulty, which later helps us make a plan accordingly.

We Create and Optimize your Business Profile on Google places based on our competitive analysis and plan. We put all the information on your Google My Business profile page including hours of operations, directions, street views, images and video links. If you already have a profile page, then we optimize it according to our plan based on our research.

We Prepare Local Citation Strategy by analyzing your competitors’ local citation presence.

We List your Business in Local Citations based on your competitor analysis. Our general research also helps us outrank your competition by listing your website on unique citations.

We List your Business in Premium Local Directories to ensure that we are getting ahead of your competition. Premium directories are always paid and you get high PR inbound links.

We Monitor your Local Traffic and Reviews to improve our process and further improve your local ranking on Google front page. Monitoring the traffic also enables us to find out how users interact with your website; we can improve your website based on this observation.

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What we do?

We are Internet marketing experts delivering outstanding search results for our clients, often in record time.

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